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How to Make a Resume for Free

How to Make a Resume

In today’s cutthroat competitive era, getting a job has become equal to finding pearls in the sea.

Government jobs are being abolished day by day (privatization of government institutions is a living example of this) and in private jobs comes the number after recommendations, kinship, and nepotism.

Therefore, in search of a good job, youth get engaged only after the completion of school education. And with a college degree, they also start learning additional skills, joining soft skills classes.

How to Make a Resume for Free

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But, even after doing all these things, most of the youth are deprived of getting their dream job. One of the main reasons for this is your – Resume.

Yes! You have read it right. The more effective and relevant your resume is, the more chances you have of getting that job. From this point, you can know the importance of a resume. That’s why in this article, I am giving you complete information about the simple but very important skills for a career. For the convenience of the study, I have divided this article into the following parts.

What is Resume?

Before making a resume, we need to know what is this resume. What is the meaning of a Resume?

To know the meaning of a resume, I am first telling you about the definition of a resume. By reading this definition, it will be easy to understand the real meaning of a resume.

The definition of a resume according to Wikipedia,

“Resume is a document that is used by a person to show his background, skills, and achievements. It is created for many reasons, but mostly it is used to find new jobs.

It is clear from this definition that the resume contains the details of the achievements of a person. About which information is given to the employer.

A resume is used to get a new job. However, when taking admission to any professional course, a resume can be demanded from the students. Because in a resume, apart from personal information, a brief description is given about education, work experience, reward and honor received, interests, soft skills, etc. Which presents that person in front of the concerned persons (HR Department and Admission Council).

A resume is your first impression and there is a saying in English that, “first impression is the last impression.” That’s why the art of creating an impressive and good-looking resume makes you special in thousands of applications.

Why should I make a resume?

Now the question comes why should I make a resume? What are the benefits of creating a resume (Resume Advantages in Hindi)?

My resume represents you in your absence. It has proved to be a virtual but real image-producing document. Therefore, as soon as you pass matriculation (class X), you should start making a resume.

We may need to create a resume for many reasons. But I am mentioning only two main reasons here.

Applying for a job – After completing their studies, everyone wants to get a job as soon as possible. And the way to the job goes through the resume.

Whenever new recruitment comes out, a resume is also sought from the applicant along with the application form. The applicant is not called directly. After reading the resume, the applicant is called for an interview.

Taking Admission to University – If you want to pursue professional studies, then you have to go through the course admission process before taking admission to the course. Most foreign universities ask for resumes to know the academics of the students before giving admission.

Different Types of Resumes

You might have made a resume even before reading this article. There is more chance that you would have gotten this work done at the nearest cyber cafe. If you are smarter then you will have to edit and download the resume template made using the help of Google Baba.

But, while making resumes, have you ever thought that there are many types of resumes too? And depending on the type of job, position, company, and employers are designed and written differently.

Let us know which types of resumes exist and where should we use each resume.

1. Chronological Resume

It means “chronologically” in Hindi. It can also be understood in simple words according to date. This type of resume emphasizes work experience and position. and are made by already employed employees. A chronological resume is of no use for freshers.

The composition of this resume is written at the top of the employee’s work experience and current working position. After this, the previous work and positions are described sequentially. It is on the basis of this structure that this resume is named Chronological Resume.

2. Functional Resume

A functional resume is skill-based. One writes down his/her professional achievements and skills learned by sorting them by position. And the emphasis is on achievements relevant to the employer and position.

This resume is used the most by job seekers going into a new industry. Especially those people who take a gap in their career. Apart from this, a functional resume is also used to show a particular skill.

3. Combination Resume

All the career coaches give pieces of advice that always makes your resume according to the employer and position. This applies to a 100% combination resume.

It can also be called a mixed resume in Hindi. The work experience portion in this resume is taken from the chronological resume and the format of the functional resume is adopted to reflect the skills and professional achievements.

In this way, the qualities of two resumes are included in a combination resume. Such resumes are designed to look different from normal resumes.

If you are fresher, have less work experience, or have just graduated then a functional resume is the best choice for you. I advise new students to make this resume.

4. Digital Resume

The 21st century is digital. The government is also getting its work done through e-governance. So the common citizen will have to go digital even if he does not want to.

Therefore, the usefulness of digital resumes is also increasing.

Now I have a question for you, do you know what is a digital resume? How to make it?

Let me explain what is a digital resume and how to make it. Should I make a digital resume or not?

The resume which is created through internet means is called a digital resume. It is only in soft copy, it is not made for print on hardcopy.

Digital resumes are written using web technology languages ​​like HTML, CSS, etc. Which is given a special web address. It is also called Resume URL. Any person can access the digital resume through this resume URL. Your social media profile and personal website are also a type of digital resume.

Resume Making Tips

1. Collect company and position information

Before applying for any job, gather as much information as possible about that job. And the company to which you are going to apply. Try to gather the necessary information about him also. like;

  • job location
  • Post
  • Estimated Salary
  • skills required
  • professional skills
  • job time
  • Contract
  • job demand in the market
  • Minimum and Maximum Salary of the respective post

When you have the necessary information about the job, then you will be able to negotiate. and will be able to present his point of view with sufficient reasoning to persuade the employer on his own terms.

2. List Your Achievements

List your academic achievements in advance. So that you know what kind of qualifications you have. By doing this, it is easy to present factual data in the resume.

Also, don’t forget to collect extra achievements apart from college/school degrees. like;

  • sports certificate
  • professional skill certificates
  • Work Experience Certificate/Citation/Recognition etc. received from NGO
  • Any awards and testimonials received from the school/college
  • Certificates of online course (if done)

3. Choose the Right Resume Type

It doesn’t matter much what resume type you choose. It is essential that you have furnished the relevant information correctly for the post applied for.

Still, keep one thing in mind. If you are a fresher then it would be better for you to make a resume in a functional style.

4. Try to limit the resume to one page

Employers are not interested in reading your story. Therefore, make the resume only one page and write the necessary information on a single page.

Especially freshers should avoid crossing this limit. Experienced people can make a two-page resume.

5. Spend Time Formatting

It is the way of presenting the information sought by you on the page that attracts the attention of the employer.

Therefore, it is better to use proper font size and clean font while formatting the resume. Avoid excessive glitter.

Some important things to keep in mind while formatting a resume:

  • Keep font size between 12-14
  • Can use Times New Roman and Sans Serif fonts
  • Keep the title in bold and a font size of around 20
  • Bold the name and approximate the available space in the font size header Give Appropriate Whitespace

If you are applying for any creative position (Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Cartoonist, etc.) then a resume is the first platform to show your creativity. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

6. Be mindful of language and grammar

One wrong word is enough to sabotage your hard work. Therefore, pay attention to each word and check its correct spelling with a standard dictionary.

If your language knowledge is average, then you can take the help of someone you know or people who make resumes. After all, it is a question of career. So why take the risk?

It would be wise to use common and simple words. Because sometimes employers ask questions from the resume as well. In such a situation, we should have complete knowledge of each and every word written in the resume. It should not happen that you have written words difficult to entice and search from the dictionary and have to hide their face when asked their meaning.

7. Avoid lying and boasting

You are like you and the achievements you have. Mention only them in the resume. Don’t brag and brag.

8. Read again before submitting

All the work of creating a resume is completed and ready to send. So stop once and read the resume again. It should not happen that you forget to write something in a hurry. Therefore, before submitting, read again with a calm mind. And submit all the information only after matching with the original documents.

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FAQs How to Make a Resume for Free

How do I make my own resume?

Pick the Right Resume Format & Layout.
Mention Your Personal Details & Contact Information.
Use a Resume capsule or ideal.
List Your Work Experience & Achievements.
Mention Your Top Soft & Hard Chops.
Optional) Include fresh Resume Sections- Languages, pursuits, etc.
Knitter Your Information For the Job Announcement.

How do you write a resume for the first time?

How to Write Your First Job Resume
Pick the right capsule template.
Write down your contact information( rightly)
Include a capsule ideal.
List your education( in detail)
rather than work experience, concentrate on
punctuating your chops.
citation voluntary sections.
Stick to the one-runner limit.

How can I make a resume on my laptop?

Open Microsoft Word and go to train> New. Type the capsule into the hunt box. Click a capsule template that you want to use. Click Produce to open the capsule template in MS Word.

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