Rice: How To Cook Best In 6 Easy Steps

How To Cook Rice

How To Cook Rice? Cook Rice is a simple process that can be done in several ways. Here are the steps for cooking rice on a stovetop using the absorption method: Ingredients: 1 cup of rice (long-grain, medium-grain, or short-grain)2 cups of waterSalt (optional) Instructions: Note: The ratio of water to rice can vary depending … Read more

Whipped Coffee: How to Make at Home…

How to Make Whipped Coffee at Home

How to Make Whipped Coffee at Home? This Dalgona(Whipped) Coffee, which has become very popular on social media during the time of lockdown, is a wonderful coffee that is quick and easy to make. This Instagram-famous drink, known as whipped coffee or Algona coffee, is made by whipping instant coffee with sugar and water, performing … Read more