Black Coffee- The Best & Easy Make Instant in 5 Minutes…

Black Coffee

Black Coffee Recipe step by step with pictures and videos. This is one of the easiest drinks you can make instantly.

Black Coffee is also known for its health benefits. Although drinking black coffee without milk and sugar is an acquired taste, I’m sure many people are addicted to it. Usually, black coffee is made in pots but nowadays for convenience, kettles, and coffee filters are used.

What is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is simply coffee that is brewed without the addition of any milk, cream, sugar, or other flavorings. It is made by brewing ground coffee beans in hot water and then straining out the grounds, resulting in a dark, rich beverage that is typically served hot. Black coffee is popular among coffee drinkers who enjoy the pure, unadulterated flavor of coffee, and it can be enjoyed at any time of day. Some people prefer to add a small amount of sugar or other sweeteners to their black coffee, while others enjoy it as is.

instant black coffee

Instant Black Coffee Recipe:

How to make instant black coffee?

It usually takes a while to make black coffee the traditional way. So this shortcut method of making black coffee using instant coffee powder is quick without compromising much in the taste. First, boil the water well, then turn it off. Add instant coffee powder and the required sugar to the serving cup. Add some hot water to it and mix it well. Then add the remaining hot water, mix well, and serve hot!

How to make Coffee using a Coffee Maker?

Making coffee with a coffee maker is a relatively simple process that can be broken down into a few easy-to-follow steps. Here’s how you can make coffee using a standard drip coffee maker:

1. Begin by filling the water reservoir of your coffee maker with cold, clean water. Be sure to fill it to the desired level for the amount of coffee you want to make.

2. Next, measure out the coffee grounds. A good rule of thumb is to use approximately one to two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water, depending on how strong you prefer your coffee.

3. Place a paper filter into the coffee maker’s filter basket, and then add the coffee grounds to the filter.

4. Turn on the coffee maker and wait for it to finish brewing. This typically takes a few minutes, depending on the size of your coffee maker and the amount of coffee you’re making.

5. Once the coffee has finished brewing, carefully remove the carafe from the coffee maker and pour yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

6. If you’re not planning on drinking all the coffee right away, be sure to turn off the coffee maker to prevent it from continuing to heat the coffee.

7. Lastly, clean the coffee maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in good working order and ensure that your coffee always tastes fresh.

With these simple steps, you can easily make delicious coffee using a coffee maker.

How to Make Black Coffee Using a French Press?

Making black coffee using a French press is a simple process that requires only a few steps. Here’s how to do it:


Coarsely ground coffee beans
Hot water

French press
Kettle or pot to heat water
Measuring spoon

1. Begin by heating water to just below boiling point, ideally between 195°F and 205°F (90°C and 96°C).

2. While the water is heating up, add coarsely ground coffee beans to the French press. Use about 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds for every 4 ounces of water.

3. Once the water has reached the desired temperature, pour it into the French press over the coffee grounds. Be sure to saturate all the grounds and let them steep for about 4 minutes.

4. After 4 minutes, gently press down on the plunger to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. Pour the brewed coffee into a mug and enjoy!


Use fresh, high-quality coffee beans for the best taste.
Experiment with the number of coffee grounds and steeping time to find the perfect balance for your taste preferences.
Clean the French press thoroughly after each use to prevent buildup and maintain the quality of your coffee.

Black Coffee Recipe

How to make Black Coffee using instant Coffee Powder?

Here’s how to make black coffee using instant coffee powder:

  1. Boil water: Boil the required amount of water in a kettle or on the stove.
  2. Add coffee powder: Add 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee powder (depending on how strong you like your coffee) to your mug.
  3. Pour hot water: Pour the hot water over the coffee powder in the mug.
  4. Stir: Use a spoon to stir the coffee powder and hot water until well combined.
  5. Enjoy: Your black coffee is ready to drink. You can add sugar or milk to taste, but if you want it to be truly black, leave it as it is.
Black Coffee Powder

Note: You can adjust the amount of coffee powder and water to your preference.

How to Make Black Coffee in a Moka Pot?

Making black coffee in a moka pot is a simple process. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill the bottom chamber of the moka pot with cold water up to the valve.
  2. Insert the funnel-shaped filter basket into the bottom chamber.
  3. Fill the filter basket with ground coffee, making sure to level it off but not tamp it down.
  4. Screw the top chamber onto the bottom chamber tightly.
  5. Place the moka pot on a stove over medium heat.
  6. Wait for the water in the bottom chamber to heat up and boil. The steam will create pressure and push the water up through the filter basket and into the top chamber.
  7. Once the coffee starts to fill the top chamber, turn off the heat.
  8. Give the moka pot a few seconds to finish brewing the coffee.
  9. Pour the black coffee into a cup and enjoy.

Note: Make sure to clean the moka pot after each use, and avoid washing it with soap, as this can damage the pot’s interior coating.

Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, consume black coffee in moderation but do not depend on it only for weight loss. You can have black coffee once or maximum twice a day in the afternoon or evening as it is more refreshing. If you are opting for black coffee for weight loss then skip the sugar or any added addiction or taste.

Benefits of Black Coffee:

Black coffee, which is simply coffee without any added milk, cream, or sugar, has several potential benefits for the body, including:

1. Boosts energy: Black coffee contains caffeine, a natural stimulant that can help increase alertness, improve concentration, and boost energy levels.

2. Improves physical performance: Caffeine in black coffee can also enhance physical performance by improving endurance, reducing muscle pain, and increasing fat burning during exercise.

3. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes: Studies have suggested that drinking black coffee regularly can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 30%.

4. Promotes heart health: Black coffee may also help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, as it contains antioxidants and can improve blood flow.

5. Aids weight loss: Black coffee is low in calories and can help suppress appetite, making it an effective aid for weight loss.

6. Improves cognitive function: Caffeine in black coffee can also enhance cognitive function, improving memory, focus, and mood.

However, it’s important to note that excessive consumption of black coffee can lead to negative effects such as increased heart rate, anxiety, and disrupted sleep patterns. Moderation is key, and it’s recommended that individuals limit their intake to no more than four cups per day. Additionally, those with certain health conditions such as high blood pressure or anxiety may want to avoid or limit their intake of caffeine.

Black Coffee Recipe | Black coffee for weight loss:

Sure, here’s a simple recipe for making black coffee:


1 cup of water
1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee

  1. Boil the water in a kettle or on a stove.
  2. Place the ground coffee in a coffee filter or directly into the cup.
  3. Pour the hot water over the coffee and let it steep for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Remove the coffee filter or strain out the coffee grounds.
  5. Serve hot and enjoy your black coffee!

Black coffee is a low-calorie beverage that can be a helpful addition to a weight-loss plan when consumed in moderation. It’s important to note that while black coffee itself does not have any calories, adding sugar, cream, or other flavorings can quickly increase the calorie count. If you’re using black coffee as a weight loss aid, it’s best to enjoy it plain or with a small amount of unsweetened almond milk or a natural sweetener like stevia. Additionally, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Goods For Black Coffee:

  • Water – Use only clean, pure water for boiling. Distilled water should not be used.
  • Instant Coffee Powder – You can use any instant coffee powder that is strong and flavorful.
  • Sugar (optional) – I have used cane sugar, you can use white sugar or leave it out.

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FAQ’s About Black Coffee:

What is the difference between black coffee and instant coffee?

Black coffee and instant coffee are two different types of coffee, each with its own unique characteristics.
Black coffee is simply coffee that is brewed by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. The coffee grounds are filtered out, leaving behind a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee. Black coffee is typically served hot and can be enjoyed plain or with added milk, cream, sugar, or other flavorings.
Instant coffee, on the other hand, is a type of coffee that has been pre-brewed and dehydrated into a granular or powdered form. To make instant coffee, you simply add hot water to the coffee granules or powder and stir until it dissolves. Instant coffee is a convenient option for those who want a quick and easy cup of coffee without the need for brewing equipment or time.
One of the main differences between black coffee and instant coffee is its taste. Black coffee is typically richer and more full-bodied than instant coffee, which can have a slightly artificial or processed taste. Additionally, instant coffee may have added ingredients such as sugar or creamer, which can affect the flavor.
Another difference is the caffeine content. Black coffee generally contains more caffeine than instant coffee, although this can vary depending on the type and brand.
Overall, while both black coffee and instant coffee provide a caffeine boost, they have different flavors and preparation methods, making them suitable for different preferences and occasions.

How to make black coffee from Nescafe?

To make black coffee from Nescafe, you can follow these simple steps:
Boil some water in a kettle or on the stove.
Measure out the desired amount of Nescafe powder (usually 1-2 teaspoons per cup).
Put the Nescafe powder into your mug.
Pour the hot water into the mug over the Nescafe powder.
Stir the coffee and water together until the powder has dissolved.
Allow the coffee to cool to your desired temperature, and then enjoy!
You can adjust the amount of Nescafe powder and water according to your taste preferences. You can also add milk, sugar, or other flavorings if you like, but that would no longer make it black coffee.

How do you make instant black coffee better?

There are several ways to make instant black coffee taste better. Here are some suggestions:
Add a pinch of salt: Adding a small pinch of salt to your instant coffee can help balance its bitterness and enhance its natural flavors.
Use hot water: Make sure to use hot water when preparing your instant coffee. This will help bring out its full flavor and aroma.
Add a sweetener: If you find your instant coffee too bitter, you can add a sweetener such as sugar, honey, or maple syrup to enhance its taste.
Use a milk substitute: Adding a milk substitute such as almond milk or coconut milk can help reduce the bitterness of your instant coffee and add a creamy texture.
Add spices: You can add a pinch of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom to your instant coffee to give it a unique flavor profile.
Experiment with flavored syrups: Flavored syrups such as vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut can add a sweet and flavorful twist to your instant coffee.
Use a French press: Using a French press to prepare your instant coffee can help enhance its flavor and aroma by allowing the coffee to steep longer.
Remember, the key to making instant black coffee taste better is to experiment with different ingredients and find the right balance of flavors that suits your taste preferences.

How to make black coffee at home?

Making black coffee at home is quite simple! Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Freshly ground coffee beans
Boil water in a kettle or pot.
While waiting for the water to boil, grind coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency.
Add 1-2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 6 ounces of water into a coffee maker or French press.
Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds.
Let the coffee brew for 4-5 minutes, or until the desired strength is reached.
For a French press, press down the plunger to separate the coffee from the grounds.
Pour the brewed coffee into a mug and enjoy!
You can adjust the number of coffee grounds and water to suit your taste. And if you prefer a smoother taste, you can consider using a coffee filter to strain out any grounds before drinking.

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