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The University of Birmingham was founded in 1900, bringing a new model for advanced education to the UK.

Being one of the UK’s most popular and first universities, the University of Birmingham is the first communal university in England to accept scholars from all backgrounds for admission.

The University of Birmingham is located in Edgbaston, Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The University of Birmingham’s Birmingham lot is spread over 672 acres of land, with another site also located in Dubai.

For the University of Birmingham Ranking 2022, the following rankings were reported Complete University Guide – University Rankings (UK) places the University of Birmingham at #19.

The Guardian-University Rankings 2022 ranks the university at #29, according to the QS-World University Rankings, the University of Birmingham is at #90.

Finally, THE(Times Higher Education)-University Ranking places the University of Birmingham at #105 for its 2022 ranking.

The University of Birmingham has two online galleries. One of them is the Lapworth Museum of Geology, which is free to enter and does not tolerate advance booking.

Another is the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, a small but one of the best art galleries in Europe that includes an acoustically perfect musical hall.

The University of Birmingham has its own Botanical The garden is also used for tutoring and literacy.

When it comes to courses at the University of Birmingham, there are 350 types of courses offered at undergraduate positions, exploring postgraduate and 600 postgraduate tutored courses available with online or short courses.

These courses at Birmingham University are offered in 05-Trade and Laws, Medical and Dental Laws, Life and Environmental Laws, Engineering and Physical Laws, and Social Laws.

The University of Birmingham was ranked in the top 5 by the Complete University Guide 2023 for these subjects – American Studies (#4);

Creative Writing (# 4), Chemical Engineering (# 5), Accessories Technology (# 5), Activity (# 1), and Tourism, Transport, Travel, and Heritage Studies (# 3).

In total, there are 10,000 transnational scholars from 150 countries studying at the University of Birmingham in 2021.

Indian scholars enrolled at the University of Birmingham date back to 1909, when they were admitted only to mining and engineering courses.

As of 2021, the University of Birmingham has more than 1,000 Indian alumni.

According to 2021 admissions data, there are around 210 Indian scholars enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs at the University of Birmingham.

Find out more admissions-related information at the University of Birmingham The University of Birmingham offers accommodation for its scholars in its three student townlets, Pritchetts Park, The Vale, and Sally Oak.

There are approximately 7,000 apartments available and 900 at Sally Oak alone are exclusively for first-time scholars or undergraduates.

For graduate scholars studying at the University of Birmingham, accommodation options include en-suite, plant apartments, and rented accommodation.

The figure for accommodation varies depending on the choice of room or apartment. The University of Birmingham has 10 Nobel Prize winners and a network of 300,000 alumni worldwide.

Of these 300,000 alumni, 70,000 of them live or work in Birmingham.

Notable Birmingham alumni include Mohammed Yusuf Haji (Minister of Defence, Kenya), Perry Christie (Prime Minister, Bahamas),

David Aubrey Scott (British High Commissioner, New Zealand), and Bala Garba Jahumpa (Foreign Minister, The Gambia).

The Popular University of Birmingham programs by whom


 (1 year-2 year)No. of Courses

85 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹17.27 L – 24.94 LRanking


 (1 year-2 year)No. of Courses

36 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹17.27 L – 30.17 LRanking


 (12 months-1 per year)No. of Courses

2 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹29.49 ranking

B.E. / B.Tech

 (3-5 years)No. of Courses

20 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹20.84 L – 23.03 LRanking


 (3-4 years)No. of Courses

14 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹17.81 L – 20.9 LRanking


 (5 years)No. of Courses

1 CourseExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹24.94 ranking


 (1 year)No. of Courses

5 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹21.82 L – 24.1 LRanking


 (1 year-2 year)No. of Courses

87 CoursesExams

IELTS1st Year Tuition Fees

₹17.27 L – 19.72 LRanking


 (3-4 years)No. of Courses

32 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹17.81 L – 23.03 LRanking


 (4 years)No. of Courses

1 CourseExams

SATIELTS+1 more1st Year Tuition Fees

₹20.84 ranking

University of Birmingham How To Best Popular Programs & Rankings

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What is the ranking of the University of Birmingham?

Since its inception, the University of Birmingham has established a character for high-quality ambassadorial exploration and this is reflected in its performance in major league transnational tables.

The University of Birmingham is ranked #91 in the QS Ranking 2023. The university is ranked 90th in the QS World University Rankings in 2022, thus, maintaining its position. Encyclopedia Top 100 Universities.

It is also ranked 14th among UK universities. The QS World University Rankings rank institutions after considering factors such as academic character,

employer character, faculty/student ratio, citations per faculty, transnational student rate, and transnational faculty rate.

The US Read University of Birmingham Courses and Materials According to News & World Report The University of Birmingham is ranked #91 in the ranking of global universities.

Indicators that the US News and World Reports for ranking institutions are Global Scores, Global Research Character, Indigenous Research Character, Citations, etc.

In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), the University of Birmingham is ranked 105 out of 1400 universities worldwide.

The University of Birmingham’s ranking in the UK is consistent as it is ranked #19 by the Complete University Guide 2022.

On the other hand, the Guardian University Guide has ranked the University of Birmingham #29 in 2022.

The University of Birmingham Course Rankings

The University of Birmingham offers over 350 undergraduate and 600 postgraduate tutored courses.

It also offers postgraduate exploration, online, and short courses. However, if we talk about the University of Birmingham course ranking, it is ranked between 141 and 150 for Global MBA Courses in 2022 as per QS Ranking.

According to the Times Higher Education Ranking for PG Business and Economics ranking, the university is ranked 101-125 in 2022.

For Engineering and Technology PG courses offered at the University of Birmingham, the Times Higher Education Ranking places it between 101 and 125 positions.

The Guardian ranked the university’s chemical engineering course 5th, civil engineering, and electronic and electrical engineering 33rd. and Mechanical Engineering at 18th position in 2022.

When it comes to the ranking of the University of Birmingham’s computer courses, however, a significant improvement can be observed.

According to the Times Higher Education Ranking for PG Computers, the university was ranked 92nd in 2022, compared to 101-125 positions earlier.

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Universities Rankings 101-150101-150101-150101-150NA
QS – World University Ranking 8479818790
THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 141116112107105
The Complete University Guide – University Ranking (UK) 1615131319
The Guardian – University Rankings 1519162129
US News & World Report – Global Universities 9696969291

Ranking for Business Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS – Accounting & Finance 51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
QS – Global MBA 111-120131-140111-120131-140141-150
THE (Times Higher Education) – PG Business and Economics 176-200201-250201-250151-175101-125
The Complete University Guide – Accounting & Finance Ranking 1915151226
The Complete University Guide – Business & Management Studies (UK) 1715152222
The Guardian – Accounting & Finance Rankings 202811713
The Guardian – Business, Management & Marketing 2229355851
The Guardian – Guardian Economics Rankings3355414233

Ranking for Engineering Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS – Engineering and Technology 119149139150NA
QS – Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering Rankings101-15051-10051-100101-150NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – PG Engineering and Technology 126-150126-150126-150101-125101-125
The Complete University Guide – Aeronautical & Aerospace EngineeringNANANANA24
The Complete University Guide – Chemical Engineering Ranking 44566
The Complete University Guide – Civil Engineering Ranking 2214191224
The Complete University Guide – Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2220182127
The Complete University Guide – Mechanical Engineering Ranking 1813171618
The Guardian – Chemical Engineering 29645
The Guardian – Civil Engineering 1815102333
The Guardian – Electronic & Electrical Engineering 1519313833
The Guardian – Mechanical Engineering 1222124218

Ranking for Computer Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
THE (Times Higher Education) – PG Computers 151-175101-125101-125101-12592
The Complete University Guide – Computer Science 1311161311

Ranking for Science Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Mathematics Rankings301-400401-500201-300201-300NA
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Physics Rankings51-7551-7551-7551-75NA
QS – Pharmacy & Pharmacology Rankings51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
QS – Physics and Astronomy Rankings51-100101-150101-150101-150NA
QS – QS – Biological Sciences Rankings51-100101-150101-150101-150NA
QS – QS – Mathematics Rankings101-150151-200151-200151-200NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – Life Sciences Rankings101-125126-150101-125101-12586
THE (Times Higher Education) – THE – Psychology RankingsNA6265101-125126-150
The Complete University Guide – Biological Sciences Rankings1119132124
The Complete University Guide – Physics & Astronomy Rankings665513
The Complete University Guide – Psychology Rankings77171719
The Guardian – Guardian Physics Rankings3341611

Ranking for Humanities Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Political Sciences Rankings76-100101-150101-150101-150NA
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Sociology Ranking101-150101-150101-15076-100NA
QS – Communication and Media Studies Rankings51-100101-150101-150101-150NA
QS – Performing Arts Rankings51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
QS – Politics Rankings51-10051-100101-150101-150NA
QS – QS – Sociology Rankings51-10051-10051-100101-150NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – Arts & Humanities Rankings8070657067
The Complete University Guide – Sociology Rankings810211741
The Guardian – Guardian Politics Rankings2119112826
The Guardian – Guardian Sociology Rankings2410142426

Ranking for Medicine Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Nursing Rankings101-150101-150101-150151-200NA
QS – QS – Medicine Rankings51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
QS – QS – Nursing Rankings51-10051-10051-10051-100NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – Clinical and Health Rankings101-12597101-125101-12568
The Complete University Guide – Medicine Rankings2121282228
The Complete University Guide – Nursing Rankings1167911
The Guardian – Guardian Medicine Rankings2015202031

Ranking for Law Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Law Ranking51-7551-75101-150101-150NA
QS – QS – Law Rankings51-100101-15051-100101-150NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – THE – Law Rankings86151-175126-150126-15059
The Complete University Guide – Law Rankings2126262422
The Guardian – Guardian Law Rankings2927372821

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The University of Birmingham Admission 2023 How

A global university dating back more than 120 times, the University of Birmingham is recognized as England’s first secular university.

The University of Birmingham was the first to develop leaders, plastic heart valves, synthetic vitamins (vitamin C), and depression magnetrons, which led to operations similar to radar and microwave oven roasters.

With multiple Nobel Prize winners as its alumni, the university has been a leader in the field of exploration.

The university is also reported to have delivered a GBP3.5 billion boost to the UK coffers in 2014-15, with transnational scholars alone contributing more than GBP 160 million.

In 2020, the university entered into government and private backing of GBP 180 million for energy research and development.

In addition, the University of Birmingham also has a formidable library with 62 km of shelves, including 12 km of open-access bookshelves, containing 2.7 million volumes of written material owned by the university.

In its vision for 2026, the university aims to accelerate research and derive at least 40 of its benefits from research, while increasing its student body by around 11,000 scholars.

What courses are offered?

The University of Birmingham offers over 350 programs for undergraduates and 740 programs for postgraduates (600 taught Masters and 140 research courses).

What are the eligibility and documents required?

Eligibility conditions vary according to your chosen program and different situations.

The following will give you a general idea of ​​the initial eligibility conditions.

Undergraduate- Post Eligibility Conditions

  • Program-Specific Grade 12 Score Conditions
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ Duolingo or mandatory qualification

Postgraduate- position( Taught and exploration) eligibility conditions

  • Program-specific score conditions
  • Alternately, grade 12 Indian scholars must have achieved a score of 75
  • or over for CBSE/ CISCE/ West Bengal boards; 
  • other state boards 80 or above
  • IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ Duolingo or indispensable qualifications,
  • no aged than two times from the date of operation
  • Some programs may also have special conditions

What are all the documents required for the application?

All transnational scholars are required to submit documents in support of their performance.

While some programs may have special requirements, below is a list of general requirements for all undergraduate and postgraduate scholars.

What are the application and tuition fees?

Undergraduate Programs:

Undergraduate scholars need to apply to the University of Birmingham through UCAS.

Hence, scholars only need to pay the UCAS operation figure, which is GBP 20 for single program selections and GBP 26 for multiple selections.

Accepted Currency: British Pounds Sterling(GBP) Payment Type: Online by Credit or Benefit Card

Post-Graduate Taught Programmes:

While there is no standard operating figure for all programs, many postgraduate taught programs may charge a figure of GBP 50.

Visit the university website for details of the program of your choice. Diagram structure varies greatly from program to program.

The University of Birmingham levies charges from time to time which include teaching, examination, and scale charges along with other services such as IT, library, and academic council classes.

The figure amount to be paid will be mentioned in your offer letter.

All fees are required to be paid at the launch of the program. The International Student Team at the University is available to transnational scholars

for advice on opening a bank account, charges to expect, funding options, financial issues, and visa-related questions.

Full-time standard international student fees for the 2022/23 academic session

FeeUndergraduate (in GBP)Postgraduate Taught (in GBP) Postgraduate Research (in GBP)
Band 1 (Class)19,980 – 20,76020,430 – 22,14019,380 – 20,460
Band 2 (Intermediate)21,420 – 23,40023,040 – 24,84021,300 – 27,600
Band 3 (Laboratory)24,600 – 27,18025,740 – 27,54024,780 – 27,600
Band 4 (Clinical)44,100n/a44,100
Birmingham International Academy tbcn/an/a

Band Guide 

Band 1Band 2Band 3Band 4
African Studies Accounting Anatomy Clinical Dentistry
Applied Social Studies BusinessBiosciences Clinical Medicine 
Archaeology Economics Chemical Engineering 
Drama and Theatr ArtsManagement Chemistry  
EducationMarketingCivil Engineering  
EnglishMusicComputer Science  
Geography and Environmental Science PsychologyDentistry  
Government and Society Sport and Exercise Sciences Earth Sciences 
Health Sciences  Electronic and Electrical Engineering  
Health Services Management  Environmental Health and Risk Management  
History  Geography and Environmental Sciences 
History of Art Health Sciences 
International Development  Metallurgy and Materials 
Ironbridge Institute  Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering  
Law Medicine  
Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences  Physics and Astronomy 
Local Government Studies  Physiotherapy 
Modern Languages    
Political Science and International Studies    
Russian and East European Studies    
Shakespeare Institute    
Theology and Religion    
Urban and Regional Studies    

What are scholarships and financial aid?

The University of Birmingham offers five scholarships to meritorious transnational scholars.

Chevening/Birmingham Partnership Literacy

University of Birmingham’s Principal in Transnational Education, Chevening/Birmingham Partnership Scholarship 16 joint-financial subsidization covering educational costs, payments,

And remittances in association with Chevening (a UK government-entitled organization).

Undergraduate Outstanding Achievement Literacy

Launched in 2015 for undergraduate transnational scholars, University Subsidies range from GBP 1,20,000 for Literacy 30 – 45 Educational Rebate Subsidies from GBP2,500 to GBP5,000.

Scholars applying through affiliated institutions of the University are eligible for this program.

Country-Specific Literacy

This scholarship is awarded to scholars living in countries other than Birmingham. Cases of this subvention include US Maids and Postgraduate Literacy, Canada Undergraduate Literacy, and Hong Kong Postgraduate Literacy.

Subject-specific literacy

These literacies are offered to scholars by individual departments and seminaries at the University of Birmingham.

Backing (external scholarship providers), loans, and financial aid

An institution approved by multiple government ministries and other institutions, in 2018-19, international scholars entered financial support from more than 190 different institutions, such as Bolashak CON Scholarship, China Co.

What are the campus and housing?

The university has beautiful, green grounds and is just a short train lift or 30-minute conduit walk from the Birmingham megacity center.

In Birmingham, UK, the university has four sites (one main lot). In addition, the university also owns a transnational lot in Dubai, which is a video liquor of the University of Birmingham – Dubai.

The University of Birmingham has a wide range of installations to host drinks receptions, conferences, and, of course, major events and sporting bodies similar to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Edgbaston Campus, Birmingham, UK

The university is constantly improving its lot, showing that it is up to standards of integrity.

The Edgbaston lot is spread over 250 acres of parkland that includes large yards, trees, and literal puppets.

Built like a small city, the university’s main lot includes all the installations, Such as shops, cafes, banks, sports complexes, and medical installations.

It houses a state-of-the-art university library, a world-class sports complex, and a groundbreaking cooperative teaching laboratory.

As part of the university’s 10-term development plan, the Edgbaston lot will also include the School of Engineering, a teaching and learning building, and a molecular science installation.

Sally Oak Campus, Birmingham, UK

The Wand Oak lot is bounded by the towns of Sally Oak, Edgbaston, and Harborne. Sally Oak Lot is 80 acres of green space which makes it a perfect place to relax, recharge and refuel with a coffee.

It is just two long distances from the main location of the university.

Satellite Campus, Birmingham, UK

The lot is located in the iconic town of Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare Institute). Dubai Campus, Birmingham, UK The University of Birmingham has opened a new lot in Dubai, UAE.

The lot could provide an academic home for over 900 scholars, a community for Birmingham alumni in the region, and a mecca for community outreach and engagement status.

School of Dentistry, Birmingham, UK

The UK’s first independent, interlinked dental sanitarium and academy, the School of Dentistry is based at the new Birmingham Dental Hospital at Pebble Mill.

It is located just off the university’s Edgbaston campus.

Is on-campus housing available?

As an international student, the main areas of expense are tuition and housing. The University of Birmingham offers on-lot accommodation.

According to your budget, you can choose the casing installation that is convenient for you.

The University of Birmingham offers guaranteed accommodation to all undergraduates, International postgraduates, study abroad, and scholar exchange. University housing options

  • A single study bedroom in a flat 
  • with participated in kitchen and restroom installations
  • En-suite accommodation with participated kitchen installations
  • Workrooms and apartments where
  • you have exclusive use of a kitchen and restroom

Accommodation Fees 2022/23 In this section, we will detail the university accommodation fees for the academic term 2022/23.

All accommodation fares include high-speed WiFi, basic room insurance, mileage bills, and 24-hour security. Undergraduate accommodation fee

Room TypeCost per Week (in GBP)Total Cost (in GBP)
Shared Bathroom91 – 1463,821 – 6,114
En-suite Bathroom161 – 1826,762 – 7,641
Studios and Apartments213 – 287`8,946 – 12,013

Postgraduate Accommodation Fee

Room Type Cost per Week (in GBP)Total Cost (in GBP)
Shared Bathroom 119 – 1425,945 – 7,092
Studio Apartment 227 – 28711,313 – 14,301

Overview University of Birmingham

In addition to the UK campus, which was established over 100 years ago, the University of Birmingham opened its Dubai campus in 2018, becoming the first global top 100 and Russell Group University to establish a campus in Dubai.

The campus offers world-class British university education in one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting cities.

The University of Birmingham has an acceptance rate of 15% and is among the top 100 universities in the world in the main University of Birmingham ranking (QS World Rankings 2023).

Various degrees from the University of Birmingham also offer placements with top national and international companies.

Services for international students at the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham’s Student Support Hub offers help and advice to students. A team of professionally trained counselors can help students deal with any difficulties they may be experiencing.

The International Student Team also provides trained and dedicated advisers for international students who have questions related to immigration,

working in the UK, healthcare, finance, and personal and educational support. All services are free of charge.

The university offers an airport pickup service and runs an international welcome week for new international students to get to know each other and the university. During term time, English language classes are also available free of charge.

Alumni at the University of Birmingham

  • Geoffrey Ma Tao-li (Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal, Hong Kong)
  • David Gill (Chief Executive, Manchester United)
  • Chris Addison (Comedian)
  • Tim Curry (Actor and Musician)
  • Paul Manning (Gold medallist, professional cyclist)

University Contact Information


Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3344


Postal Address: 


Birmingham B15 2TT

United Kingdom

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Is it difficult to get into the University of Birmingham?

In 2021, the undergraduate Birmingham acceptance rate was 13.8 (based on data from UCAS). The university entered 56,850 operations and awarded places to only 7,865 scholars.

Is the University of Birmingham a good university?

Read the University of Birmingham reviews. The academy is really good and I am really happy to study after that.
I would like to say that I had a horrible study and living experience at UoB. The really good lot and installation.

What is the University of Birmingham’s rank?

In the 2023 Times, Higher Education World University Rankings, Birmingham was ranked 108 out of 1,400 universities worldwide. And ranked 12th overall out of 100 UK universities

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