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Imperial College London How To Best Rankings, Fees & Courses Details

About Us Imperial College London

Imperial College London is a public institution that was founded in 1907.

The university was previously a council of the University of London and came to an independent institution in 2007.

The wisdom-concentrated university is made up of multiple demesnes located in and around London.

The main lot is deposited in South Kensington, an area in Central London that’s home to other cultural and educational institutions, analogous to the Natural History Museum.

Upward of 25,100 scholars attend Imperial, and education costs are advanced for non-European Union scholars.

The cover is guaranteed for first-time undergraduates and a limited number of apartments are available for returning undergrads.

On-lot graduate pupil covering is available for those studying at the Silwood Park lot, located around 25 long hauls west of Central London.

Imperial College London comprises four academic divisions concentrated on engineering, medicine, natural lores, and business.

Imperial’s academic schedule contains three terms – afterlife, spring, and summer – and the primary language of instruction is English.

Among the university’s disquisition centers and groups are the Data Science Institute, the Institute of Global Health Innovation, and the Centre for Hedge Fund Research.

Imperial College London How To Best Rankings, Fees & Courses Details

The university’s Undergraduate Exploration Openings Programme each time provides around 400 scholars with hands-on disquisition openings.

The university’s International Research openings The program sends Homeric undergraduates to mate universities in different countries – analogous to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S.

And Seoul National University in South Korea – to conduct a disquisition for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer break.

Imperial College London also has a history of disquisition settlers, including Alexander Fleming, who in 1945 discovered penicillin, an antibiotic that’s now generally used to treat bacterial infections.

Imperial College London Data

The total number of students 18,450 has been kept

The number of international students 11,114 has been kept

The total number of academic staff has been kept at 1,654

Number of international employees 694

The number of undergraduate degrees awarded 2,651 has been kept

The number of Master’s degrees awarded 4,451 has been kept

Number of doctoral degrees awarded 794

Only the number of research staff 2,335 has been kept

The number of new undergraduate students 2,870 has been kept

The number of new Master’s students 3,700 has been kept

Number of new doctoral students 563

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What Is Imperial College London University Ranking?

13 in Best Global Universities

4 in Best Global Universities in Europe

4 in Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Universities Rankings 24232525NA
QS – World University Ranking 88987
THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 89101112
The Complete University Guide – University Ranking (UK) 54555
The Guardian – University Rankings 67797
US News & World Report – Global Universities 1820202020

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Imperial College London Subject Ranking

37 in Artificial Intelligence

22 in Biology and Biochemistry

26 in Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology

2 in Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems

48 in Cell Biology

23 in Chemical Engineering

36 in Chemistry (tie)

54 in Civil Engineering (tie)

14 in Clinical Medicine

33 in Computer Science

42 in Condensed Matter Physics

37 in Economics and Business

36 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

2 in Endocrinology and Metabolism

25 in Energy and Fuels

Ranking for Business Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
Bloomberg – Best Business School Europe 15131317NA
FT (Financial Times) – GMBA Ranking 51395544NA
FT (Financial Times) – Master in Finance 9NA911NA
FT (Financial Times) – Master in Management 1514109NA
QS – Accounting & Finance 39312933NA
QS – Global MBA 1619192221
QS – Masters in Business Analytics RankingsNA2555
THE (Times Higher Education) – PG Business and Economics NANANANA16

Ranking for Engineering Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
QS – Engineering and Technology 6878NA
QS – Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering Rankings8778NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – PG Engineering and Technology 1012111413
The Complete University Guide – Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering22231
The Complete University Guide – Chemical Engineering Ranking 23333
The Complete University Guide – Civil Engineering Ranking 12678
The Complete University Guide – Electrical & Electronic Engineering 33334
The Complete University Guide – Mechanical Engineering Ranking 32223
The Guardian – Chemical Engineering 34222
The Guardian – Civil Engineering 11143
The Guardian – Electronic & Electrical Engineering 14542
The Guardian – Mechanical Engineering 51121

Ranking for Science Courses

Ranked By20182019202020212022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Mathematics Rankings20182017NA
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Shanghai Physics Rankings33303338NA
QS – Pharmacy & Pharmacology Rankings17282126NA
QS – Physics and Astronomy Rankings11111111NA
QS – QS – Biological Sciences Rankings19171213NA
QS – QS – Mathematics Rankings10111111NA
THE (Times Higher Education) – Life Sciences Rankings1014161715
The Complete University Guide – Biological Sciences Rankings33347
The Complete University Guide – Physics & Astronomy Rankings55769
The Guardian – Guardian Physics Rankings3032383325

What Are Imperial College London Fees?

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(110 Courses)(1 year-2 year)INR 21.20 L – 37.7 L
MIM(15 Courses)(12 months-2 years)INR 16.18 L – 36.56 L
MBA/PGDM(1 Course)(12 months)INR 53.53 L
MBBS(1 Course)(6 years)INR 45.2 L
B.E. / B.Tech(25 Courses)(3-5 years)INR 30.96 L – 34.23 L
B.Sc.(39 Courses)(3-4 years)INR 31.22 L – 35.30 L

What Are Imperial College London’s Popular Programmes?


 (1 year-2 year)No. of Courses

110 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE+1 more1st Year Tuition Fees

₹21.22 L – 37.7 Ranking


 (12 months-2 years)No. of Courses

15 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE+3 more1st Year Tuition Fees

₹16.16 L – 36.57 Ranking


 (12 months)No. of Courses

1 CourseExams

IELTSPTE+1 more1st Year Tuition Fees

₹53.53 Ranking


 (6 years)No. of Courses

1 CourseExams

IELTSPTE1st Year Tuition Fees

₹45.4 Ranking

B.E. / B.Tech

 (3-5 years)No. of Courses

25 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE+1 more1st Year Tuition Fees

₹30.96 L – 34.22 Ranking


 (3-4 years)No. of Courses

39 CoursesExams

IELTSPTE+1 more1st Year Tuition Fees

₹31.20 L – 35.32 Ranking

How to Check Imperial College London Admission Criteria

MS(110 Courses)IELTS: 6.2-7.0 PTE: 60.0-67.0 Duolingo: 113.0-125.0
MIM(15 Courses)IELTS: 6.3-7.0 PTE: 69.0 & Above Duolingo: 124.0 & Above
MBA/PGDM(1 Course)IELTS: 7.0 & Above PTE: 67.0 & Above Duolingo: 125.0 & Above
MBBS(1 Course)IELTS: 6.3 & Above PTE: 60.0 & Above
B.E. / B.Tech(25 Courses)IELTS: 6.3-7.0 PTE: 62.0 & Above Duolingo: 113.0 & Above
B.Sc.(39 Courses)IELTS: 6.3-7.0 PTE: 62.0 & Above Duolingo: 123.0 & Above

Imperial College London Contact us


Estates Operations,
Imperial College London,
Level 5, Sherfield Building
South Kensington Campus,


Telephone: (+44) 020 7594 7258

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Is Imperial College London difficult to get into?

In 2020, the Imperial acceptance rate was around 13.4 ( grounded on data from UCAS). The university entered 25,640 operations and offered places to 3,451 scholars.

Is Imperial College London better than Harvard?

Imperial College London has bettered its position in two major world university rankings this time. In the QS World University Rankings, blazoned in September,
Imperial rose to common-2nd – the College’s most stylish ever performance – behind MIT, tied with Cambridge, and just ahead of Harvard.

Why is the Imperial College of London famous?

Imperial College London is the only UK university to concentrate entirely on wisdom, engineering, drug, and business.
Our transnational character for excellence in tutoring and exploration sees we are constantly rated in the top 10 universities worldwide.

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