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How to Buy Ipo


With the help of IPO, companies are able to raise equity capital by issuing shares to the general public. This can also be done by selling the shares of existing shareholders without raising any new capital (How to Buy Ipo).

A company that offers shares to the public is in no way obligated to repay the capital to investors (the public). The company offering its shares is known as the issuer.

Issuance of shares is done with the help of investment banks. Once the IPO takes place, the shares of the company are traded on the open market.

These shares can then be sold by investors through trading in the secondary market.

What is the need for an IPO?

IPO is a medium through which companies can access capital and grow. The main objective of It is to raise money by borrowing by issuing shares to the public.

How to Buy Ipo

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This is known as the first public invite in the stock exchanges and hence the name IPO. Buying these shares gives the investor ownership of the company according to the value of the shares owned.

IPO – Process, How to Buy Shares, Risks, and Returns

Initial Public Offering is the process for private companies to go public by selling and making their stock available to the general public. This is done by getting listed on an exchange. The process of It is open to all companies, new and old.

IPO process in India

  1. In India, it is the Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) that regulates the process of , and companies hoping to issue shares through It have to first register with SEBI.
  2. A company has to submit necessary documents with SEBI, which are analyzed and approved only after SEBI is convinced
  3. While SEBI evaluates the application, the company is required to prepare its prospectus stating that approval from SEBI is pending
  4. On obtaining approval from SEBI, the company is required to determine the share price of the shares to be issued and disclose the number of shares it plans to issue.
  5. The company must decide between two types of IPO issues
    • Fixed Price It is one where the company pre-decides the price of the shares
    • Book building It is where the company offers a range of prices and bids are made for the shares within that price range.
  6. The shares are made public once the company has decided which type of It they want to go with. Interested investors submit their applications and once the company receives membership from the public, it makes an allotment of shares
  7. The company now lists the shares on the stock exchange and after the issue in the primary market, it gets listed in the secondary market. Then there are open for trading on daily trade.

How to buy shares through IPO?

  • You can get the physical application form from the broker or distributor or bank branch. it can be accessed online
  • Then you can fill the form with your personal and bank and Demat account-related details
  • Provide your total investment amount
  • Shares will be allotted within 10 days from the date of closure (of the offer)

Important Considerations Before Subscribing to IPO

It is important to know about the dynamics of the market before investing in stocks. Read the brochure issued by the company and go to the financial statement.

These will highlight the amount the company intends to raise and the type of shares it plans to issue. It is also wise to understand how the company will use the money raised and its expansion plans. All of these will help an investor to take an informed decision.

Risk and Reward

When you subscribe to a share during an IPO, you become one of the company’s first shareholders. As the company flourishes, the share price will rise and you stand to profit.

But there is also a risk in the stock markets. Your return on investment will depend on the growth potential of the company and if the company fails, you will run the risk of losing your money.

Especially in The case of unlisted companies, one has to be very careful as these companies are not required to publish their financial statements and thus you cannot analyze their past performance.

IPO investing carries the risk of market volatility and should be done only after careful consideration. If you’re unsure about investing, visit Clear Tax, where we have a list of investment options for you to choose from. visit Official Website,

Here’s all You Need to Know About the IPO Application Process

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How can I buy an IPO before it goes public?

Register with crowdfunding platforms like AngelList, OurCrowd, and FundersClub, which allow you to invest directly in incipiency companies. Register with stock tokenization platforms like tZero, which converts stocks into blockchain-grounded commemoratives. You can trade these for cash any time you want.

Can I buy an IPO online?

Although you can apply for an online, flashback that an order can not be placed directly through your broker. You need to place the order through your bank which provides you with ASBA installation.

Is it easy to buy an IPO?

It can be much more delicate for average investors to buy shares in a traditional and take part in the implicit run-up in share prices once the company goes public. But this request is opening up as other brokerages are expanding share access.

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