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Zions Bank Online Bill Payment

With Zions Bank Online Bill Pay, pay whatever bills you have — from your mortgage to your sitter. 

Setup is quick and simple, and before you know it, you will be spending further time enjoying life and lower time paying bills.

And the stylish part, Bill Pay is included at no cost for all Zions Bank particular accounts.

How To Zions Bank Online Bill Payment?

Guests of Zions Bank Online can pay their bills by logging in to the sanctioned website https//www.zionsbank.com/ ( given below) and visiting the Pay Bills Section to make the payments.

In the event of any issues or need backing, you can communicate with Zions Bank support at ( 800)-840-4999 using the information handed below.

How To Zions Bank Login?

To Zions Bank Login one should visit the bill payment website https//www.zionsbank.com/ and enter their username/ word in the right section of the runner and press login.

still, you can click the Forgot word button, If you forget your username or word.

In the section My Accounts, you can view your pending bills and make payments through the online banking installation.

Still, check out the Offers Runner, If you wish to redeem price points.

STEP 1: In Online Banking, select Payments.

Zions Bank Online Bill Payment

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STEP 2: To elect a Payee for the template, enter a bone quantum for the Payee.
The quantum must be lesser than$0.00. ( You’ll be suitable to edit the quantum previous to making payments).
reprise for each Payee you wish to elect for the template.

Zions Bank Online login


  • Enjoy Brisk payment processing
  • Enjoy control over when your bills are delivered
  • Pay select payees the same day( figure may apply. Available for select payees only.)
  • Get eBills from numerous payees and the option to set up automatic payments
  • Shoot an electronic payment to anyone in the US
  • Admit voluntary dispatch evidence each time a payment is transferred

Zions give you more available payees and further payees with electronic payment options, an intuitive interface, and easy-to-use navigation.

Digital Banking is redesigned for the future

Zions Bank has streamlined our Online and Mobile Banking application2 with coming-generation functionality. We’ve introduced a fresh interface, streamlined navigation, and fresh tools to help you reach your fiscal pretensions.

Dedicated assistance for this new application

If you have forgotten your Username or word and haven’t inked into the new operation

  • Please communicate with our Client Care Center to have a new word generated for you. Call 855-848-2929, Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. MT., and a specialist will help you pierce your account.
  • Please don’t use the online tone- Service tools until you have successfully linked into the new operation. You must have a successful sign-in before using these tools.

Enhanced Mobile Banking Built for Today

The streamlined app helps you bank and manage plutocrats when you’re on the move. The features you use in Online Banking will be available for Mobile Banking.

Zions Bank Online Bill Payment
  • Make quick transfers and payments
  • Make single or multiple payments at the same time
  • Set up and manage your cautions
  • shoot and admit Secure dispatches
  • Disagreement deals and stops payments

Hours of Operations || Zions Bank Hours

Monday 9 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 9 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 9 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 9 am – 6:00 pm


Website: https://www.zionsbank.com/
Create a new account: https://banking.zionsbank.com/selfEnrollmentTool/Welcome.do
Online Login/Sign in: https://www.zionsbank.com/
Forgot Password Link: https://www.zipcar.com/register/forgot-password
Payment Mode: Checking,
Support Phone Number: 888-307-3411
Routing Number: 124000054

Zions Bank Customer Service

Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing, L.P. United States

  • Customer Service: 888-307-3411
  • Routing Number:124000054
  • NMLS Registry: #467014

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What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a service offered through Online Banking. It lets you make online bill payments to just about any company or person. Simply select which person or company you want to pay and choose the date you want the bill paid.

What are some of the features of the Online Bill Pay service?

Add a biller, review pending payments, check bill monuments, and views-Bills, and further from one easy-to-navigate payment center. You can also choose to view” Bill History” and” Manage Your Bills” all using the tabs at the top of the Bill Pay screen.
For indeed further convenience and control over your finances, Bill Pay lets you select the date you want your biller to admit your payment finances.

Also, withe-Bills, you can handpick to admit factual clones of your trafficker bills directly through Bill Pay. You don’t have to stay to accept bills in the correspondence or log in to your biller’s point. e-Bills are available from hundreds of companies, including significant serviceability and retailers nationwide, so you can polarize paying bills in one place.
Also, you automatically admit temporary “ trial-Bill ” service from certain payees. With “ triple-Bills, ” try out a payee’s-Bills( while still entering paper checks) before deciding whether to enroll in paperless-Bills from that payee.

Who can use Bill Pay?

Anyone over 18 who has an eligible Its particular or business checking and or plutocrat request account can enroll for Online Banking with Bill Pay. The service isn’t available to minors unless the minor is using an account in the minor’s name with a parent or guardian as an act-signor or appropriation.

Which Internet browsers can I use with Bill Pay?

Supported Cybersurfers include the current stable releases of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 and over. Internet Discoverer, 8 druggies may witness difficulties in printing or with some scroll defenses. To resolve printing issues, it’s recommended that you use an indispensable cybersurfer, similar to Chrome or Firefox. Other functional uses of the Bill Pay service aren’t affected when using Internet Discoverer 8.

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