Zenfolio: Guide To Cancel Your Latest Account… 

How To Cancel Your Zenfolio Account

How To Cancel Zenfolio

The first thing to note is that Zenfolio only offers refunds in “ extraordinary circumstances, ” which are assessed on a case-by-case basis. So I wouldn’t bank on getting a refund, indeed if you’re only part-way through your current subscription period.

You also need to flash back to start the cancellation process at least 2 business days before your renewal date.

Bear in mind that Zenfolio’s client service works on Pacific Time, and LiveChat is only available Monday- Thursday, so you’ll need to factor this in as well if you live outside the US.

Top tip Zenfolio doesn’t hold on to your data after you close your account, so there are no guarantees you’ll be suitable to pierce anything once your account is closed. 

Make sure you download everything from your Zenfolio account before you start the cancellation process.
1. Log in. and subscribe as the account proprietor on Zenfolio’s website.

2. Uninstall applications. However, make sure you cancel them before you shut down your account or you might still be charged If you’re using any third-party apps or payment gateways with recreating charges. You’ll have to do this via the app or via the payment gateway’s website.

3. Transfer custom disciplines. Zenfolio doesn’t host your custom sphere, so you’ll need to go through your sphere host to start the transfer process.

4. Contact Zenfolio client services. Click the LiveChat icon and, in the communication box, type the primary dispatch address associated with your Zenfolio account and your reason for canceling. Hit shoot and stay for an evidence dispatch.

My Experience: Here’s How I Canceled My Zenfolio Account

Ending your Zenfolio account is easy, but unfortunately, it’s not a quick process. There’s no button in your account settings to cancel your account, so you’ll have to communicate with the Zenfolio client service platoon via LiveChat.

It took me 6 hours to close my account because Zenfolio’s client service platoon works on Pacific Time, which is 8 hours behind me. 

Still, 6 hours is enough emotional when you take the time difference into account!
Before you start this process, make sure you snare all of your website data.

While Zenfolio won’t cancel your account as soon as your cancellation is verified, it doesn’t guarantee that it can extinguish any accounts.

Step 1: Log In to Your Zenfolio Account

Go to the Zenfolio website and log in as the account proprietor. From your dashboard, click the speech bubble button in the bottom right of the window.

How To Cancel Your Zenfolio Account

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Step 2: Contact Zenfolio Customer Services

In your LiveChat communication, you’ll need to give the primary dispatch address used for your Zenfolio account and the reason why you’re canceling. This will help ensure your account cancellation is reused as snappily as possible.

How To Cancel Your Zenfolio Account 

I got a response roughly 5 hours latterly asking for further information and if I’d be willing to stay if they threw in some free months.

After clarifying why I wanted to cancel my account and turning down the offer, I entered another dispatch half an hour latterly attesting that my account would be closed at the end of the current subscription period.

3 Best Zenfolio Alternatives for Photographers

Indeed though it has some useful tools and features to help you manage your photography business, Zenfolio isn’t inescapably the stylish-commerce website builder for shutterbugs.

I’ve tested a bunch of commerce website builders and these are the stylish druthers to Zenfolio in 2022.


  • Wix is fantastic for shutterbugs on a budget as it offers a generous free-ever plan. Its paid plans are packed with indeed further features, like 40 completely customizable templates designed specifically for shutterbugs.
  • Zenfolio’s 9semi-customizable templates can’t hold a candle to that.
  • With tools like SMS monuments, mobile tickets, and reserving analytics, Wix’s online bookings, and event operation platform also offers far further scheduling options than Zenfolio’s BookMe.
  • It’s also available on all Wix business plans, whereas BookMe is a paid redundant unless you’re on Zenfolio’s most precious plan.


  • For the most ultramodern, professional, and customizable templates around, Squarespace should be your go-to choice.
  • Any of Squarespace’s templates can be customized into galleries or online photography stores that help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Squarespace also offers unlimited storehouses – indeed on its cheapest plan. 
  • Given that Zenfolio only offers unlimited storehouses on its enterprise-position Advanced plan, Squarespace is a no-brainer if you’ve got a ton of high-description prints and vids you want to include in your portfolio or online store.


  • SITE123 is fantastic if you’re just starting out with your online photography store.
  • I set up Zenfolio as a bit confusing to navigate at first, but SITE123 offers guided tenures through all of its features.
  • You might not get the complete freedom offered by builders like Wix, but the simplicity is surely worth the trade-off if you’re a freshman.
  • SITE123 also offers 24/7 live Converse support, whereas Zenfolio’s live Converse is limited to a 12-hour window. Visit the Website, https://zenfolio.com/

Zenfolio Overview

Website: http://www.zenfolio.com/
Create a new account: http://www.zenfolio.com/
Online Login/Sign in: http://www.zenfolio.com/
Forgot Password Link:
Payment Mode: Checking,
Support Phone Number:
Routing Number:

How to Navigate Your Zenfolio Account

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FAQs Zenfolio

How much does Zenfolio cost?

Zenfolio offers three different situations. freshman position$ 65/ time, or$ 7 for those you pay yearly. Professional$ 240/ time, or$ 28 if yearly billed. Advance$ 360/ time, or$ 42 if yearly billed.

Is Zenfolio worth it?

Zenfolio has some good features for shutterbugs, but if you want to set up an online store, it’s not the most stylish-commerce website builder out there. While Zenfolio’s BookMe is a great scheduling tool, it’s a paid add-on with all but the most precious plan. By comparison, Wix’s event operation and scheduling tools are more comprehensive and are included in all-commerce plans.

How do I cancel my Zenfolio account?

To cancel your Zenfolio account, log into your account and open the LiveChat window. In the communication, state that you would like to cancel your account, give the primary dispatch address it’s linked to, and explain why you’re canceling. For further details, see my full companion to canceling your Zenfolio account.

Which is better, SmugMug or Zenfolio?

SmugMug and Zenfolio are both enough decent website builders. SmugMug’s unlimited storehouse is great if you want to partake in a lot of high-description prints, while Zenfolio’s BookMe integration is fantastic for automating your photoshoot bookings. still, if you need further freedom to add the tools you need, you might consider using a more flexible website builder.

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