YuppTV: Online Login & Bill Payment In The Best & Easy Steps…

YuppTV Latest Bill Pay – Online Login

How To YuppTV Online Bill Payment

Guests of YuppTV can pay their bills by logging in to the sanctioned website

http//www.yupptv.com/( given below) and visiting the Pay Bills Section to make the payments.

However, you can reach YuppTV support at( 866)-663-7557 with the contact information handed below, If there are any issues or issues.

How To YuppTV Login

To YuppTV login in one should visit the bill payment website http//www.yupptv.com/

and enter their username/ word in the right section of the runner and press login.

However, you can hit the Forgot word button, If you forget your username or word.

In the My Account section, you’ll be suitable to view your outstanding bills

and pay via the online banking facility.

However, check out the Offers Runner, If you’re looking to redeem price points.

YuppTV Latest Bill Pay – Online Login

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YuppTV Phone Number

Please communicate with us at the YuppTV Phone Number handed below.

However, you may also go to the Contact Us section of the website, If you have any fresh questions.

YuppTV Hours of Operations

Monday: 10 am – 7 pm

Tuesday: 10 am – 7 pm

Wednesday:10 am – 7 pm

Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm

Friday: 10 am – 7 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

YuppTV Overview

Website: http://www.yupptv.com/

Create a new account: https://www.yupptv.com/Registration.aspx

Online Login/Sign in: http://www.yupptv.com/

Forgot Password Link: https://billq.cashcyclesolutions.com/EBPP/

Payment Mode: Checking,

Support Phone Number: (866)-663-7557

Routing Number:

Contact Information

YuppTV shall timely address and essay to amend any disagreement and grievances of our druggies pertaining to the particular information furnished by them.

Subscriber may communicate to YuppTV with any questions or comments about this sequestration Policy and may address similar queries and/ or commentary toprivacy@yupptv.com

  1. Still, processing, and transfer of particular data information please do communicate with us

online throughprivacy@yupptv, If you have any queries or complaints regarding thecollecting.com

  1. residers in the countries in the European Union( EU), please note

You may communicate with our Data Protection Officer atdpo@yupptv.com.

The data regulator for YuppTV will be YuppTV USAInc. grounded out of 11175 Cicero Dr, Suite# 100, Alpharetta, GA 30022 USA

The nominated representative on behalf of the regulator would be. Saminathan Sanjayan & 344- 354 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8BP, UK.

residers in India may communicate to our Grievance Officer, Mr. Roop Kumar Reddy, atroop@yupptv.com.

As per applicable Indian laws, the Grievance Officer shall requital the grievances of the druggies furnishing the Information within

one( 1) month from the date of damage of the grievance.

Terms & Conditions


This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for a stoner( defined below) intending to subscribe, 

mileage, or access or enter services and/ or outfit of YuppTV India Private Limited/ YuppTV USA Inc.

The Services handed by YuppTV pursuant to this Agreement are services which would be made available to

a stoner upon payment of a charge for similar Services, for similar Term( defined below) in similar Territory( defined below) where YuppTV offers its Services( defined below).

The stoner serving the Services shall be supposed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Any recurring package, after expiration, gets converted to a separate duration package. Please see paragraph 6. D below for further details.

Content Provider shall mean and include content possessors, channel possessors, and any other licensors of content on the point.

freights shall mean subscription freights outstanding for colorful packages on a yearly, daily, partial-monthly, and monthly basis,

Account Activation freights, Device Activation freights, service figures, renew figures, restoral figures, a late figure including but not limited to any other charges, 

freights, and subscription rents mentioned in this Agreement that any stoner is liable to pay for continued use of Services hereunder.

Partner Apps shall mean operations of certain Content Providers, further particularly described in Annexure-A.

YuppTV Scope Media Player shall mean outfit handed by YuppTV to the stoner for the purposes of serving the Services as imaged herein.

YuppTV shall mean YuppTV USAInc. and/ or YuppTV India Private Limited.

Services shall mean and include the Services as mentioned in Clause 2 hereinafter.

point shall meanwww.yupptv.com

Subscription Term shall mean the total duration of any subscription package profited by any stoner, at a given point in time.

For illustration, if a stoner subscribes to a half-monthly package, the Subscription Term then shall be for 6 months from the date of a similar subscription.

Registration Term shall mean the total duration commencing from the date any stoner registers on the point by furnishing his/ her details to mileage 

the Services as described under Clause 3 and shall continue till the time similar enrollment is canceled either by YuppTV or Stoner.

For clarity, the Registration Term shall include the Subscription Term when profited.

The term shall mean Subscription Term and Registration Term inclusively.

the home shall mean the locales where YuppTV offers its Services to stoner/s.

stoner shall mean and include all the being and unborn stoner who avails the Services of YuppTV.

The Services

YuppTV provides online entertainment services( “ Services ”) similar to access to digital content, 

including but not limited to audiovisual programs, pictures, music vids, direct TV channels, events, detergents, diurnals, campers, 

and other audiovisual programs( “ Content ”) at similar freights, for similar Term, in the Territory and on the terms and conditions as set out in this Agreement. 

stoner hereby agrees that Services are handed grounded on the rights handed to YuppTV by Content Provider.

Services shall include the following

Free content for which a stoner may be needed to register on the point by furnishing details similar 

as, name, phone number, and dispatch id, in order to consume content on the point;

Subscription packages for which any stoner may subscribe to similar packages are made available by YuppTV,

by paying similar freights as fixed by YuppTV, for the Subscription Term in the Territory.

Registration is obligatory for any stoner in order to subscribe to any subscription packages mentioned hereinabove;

YuppTV offers colorful subscription packages in addition to the free content available on the point.

Any subscription packages so profited shall be valid for the Subscription Term in the Territory. 

still, due to Content Providers ’ discretion, certain subscription packages may be altered in agreement 

with terms and conditions of the Content Providers ’ products and services, including revision in freights, Subscription Term including similar 

other terms that may be impacted at the Content Providers ’ discretion and YuppTV may take similar action/ s in order to align these 

Terms vis- à- vis the changes in terms and conditions made by any Content Providers.

YuppTV shall not be responsible for differences made due to the Content Providers ’ discretion.


Every stoner is needed to register with YuppTV and the Services. The stoner will be needed to give certain information at

the time of enrollment as needed from time to time by YuppTV or any other authority and will be assigned an account( “ Account ”) with a username and a word.

Registration permits the stoner to subscribe to the Services and to buy limited rights to the content.

However, YuppTV shall have the right to discontinue the Services without any further notice or cost,

If the stoner fails to give the information to YuppTV as needed from time to time.

The stoner agrees to give accurate, complete, and valid information at the time of enrollment and/ or

subscription and undertakes to keep similar information current and streamlined. The stoner also undertakes to keep details of

the Account and the word secret and safe from unauthorized and unhappy use.

The stoner acknowledges that YuppTV shall not be liable to the stoner or any third party for loss or abuse of the information relating to the Account or the word.

YuppTV has the right to terminate the Service to any stoner if any information handed by a similar stoner is false, inaccurate, or deceiving without any further notice or cost.

The stoner acknowledges that YuppTV will retain and maintain the enrollment information( including information relating to the credit card of the stoner)

to maintain the druggies’ accounts and for billing purposes and the stoner expressly warrants the retention and use of similar information by YuppTV.

The Account

The stoner is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the Account and is advised against revealing any Account information to any other person.

The stoner is also singularly responsible for all conditioning that is done on the Account and

the stoner shall incontinently notify YuppTV of any unauthorized use of the Account or any other breach of security.

The stoner may change or recoup a forgotten word at any time by following the instructions on the login runner.

YuppTV shall not be responsible for any losses arising from the unauthorized use of the Account.

The stoner is responsible for all felicitations for any material bought and entered by the stoner and

YuppTV shall not be liable in the event of any loss, destruction, or damage of any similar material bought by the stoner.

Transfer of Account & Assignment Rights

It’s hereby expressly agreed and conceded by the stoner that YuppTV has absolute rights to assign all its rights under

this document or similar other documents connected with service( s),

to the d party or parties without prosecution of any further deed( s) or document( s) with a stoner.

It’s hereby expressly agreed and conceded by the stoner that in the eventuality of YuppTV being acquired 

by any third party pursuant to an order of the Court or by agreement( s) or else performing into the change of power/ operation of

YuppTV in such a case each of the being contracts, rights, and commitments of YuppTV towards the stoner, shall stand transferred and assigned, 

including but not limited to the right to collect yearly subscription rents, freights, charges, and all other pretenses,

How to YuppTV  Scope BSNL price

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YuppTV Latest Bill Pay FAQ

What is YuppTV Scope?

YuppTV Scope is a streaming videotape content aggregation and curation platform that helps discover and watch content from across multiple OTT apps, using a single subscription.

What are the benefits of YuppTV Scope?

Benefits and features of YuppTV Scope are-
One-valve Watch Watch any content available across multiple decorated OTT Apps with just a single valve
One-stop Destination with 200 Live television channels, 5000 pictures & 1000 television Shows added up from multiple OTT apps at a single destination
each- by-one Subscription Just a single subscription to pierce multiple decoration OTT apps – ZEE5, SonyLIV, Voot and YuppTV
Content Curation Get culled happy recommendations curated grounded on different aspects of the content
individualized Content Discovery Discover rearmost & popular content titles substantiated according to the taste of every stoner
television far and wide Use all the features & services any time and on any device

How can I become a customer of YuppTV Scope?

In order to come to a regular stoner of YuppTV Scope, you just have to install the app and register using your mobile number and OTP
To come to a decoration stoner, eligibility is confined presently to only BSNL broadband druggies.
You need to buy a YuppTV Scope subscription using the BSNL tone-care portal handed to broadband druggies

How to use YuppTV Scope?

For regular druggies
Go towww.yupptvscope.com or download and install the YuppTV Scope app from the device of your choice
Register and log in with your mobile number and OTP
Discover and identify the content you want to watch. It’ll be deep-linked to the mate app upon clicking on it.
It directs you to the play store If the separate app isn’t available on your device.
Subscription is presently available only for guests of our mate networks
For BSNL subscribers
YuppTV compass subscription can be bought by either concluding for a BSNL internet package that has the plan whisked or can be bought as an add-on package
Evidence will participate directly to your registered mobile number after the purchase
Download and install the YuppTV Scope app on your favorite device
subscribe in using your subscribed mobile number and OTP
Enjoy the services – Discover and watch content

What are the modes of payment available for YVWD bill pay?

All online payment mechanisms are accepted
credit/debit cards
Net banking
Mobile wallets

Do I have to install any additional apps to use YuppTV Scope?

You can watch the content powered by YuppTV without the need to install any fresh app
In order to watch content powered by Mates, you need to install the mate

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