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Check Credit Card Statement Still, you’ll admit a statement every month, which records all the deals you have made during the former one month If you use a Credit Card.


Depending on how you have decided to admit it, you’ll get the Credit Card statement via courier at your correspondence address or as a dispatch statement, or both.
You can also view your Credit Card statement online( via NetBanking if you’re using an HDFC Bank Credit Card).

The yearly statement is an important document that you must check carefully.

However, incontinently communicate with the bank, If you find an unauthorized or suspicious sale.

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How to Understand Your HDFC Bank Credit Card Statement?

Your HDFC Bank credit card bill statement lists all the details related to your credit card. Let us take a look at what these details mean. :

Total outstanding amount :

Total outstanding quantum This is the total plutocrat that’s outstanding against your HDFC Bank credit card. It’s a total of pending payments from the current and once billing cycles.

Payment due date :

Payment due date This is the date by which you’re needed to pay your HDFC Bank credit card outstanding quantum.

Minimum amount due :

minimal quantum due This is a part of the total outstanding bill that you must pay by the payment due date to avoid late payment charges and keep your HDFC Bank credit card active.

Billing cycle :

Billing cycle This is the period between two HDFC credit card statement generation dates.

Interest-free period :

Interest-free period This is the timeframe between the date of the sale and the payment due date of the billing cycle when you aren’t charged any interest against the sale quantum.

Credit Limit :

Credit Limit The HDFC Bank credit limit refers to the quantum you can adopt on your credit card for your deals.

Cash Limit :

Cash Limit The HDFC Bank cash limit refers to the quantum of plutocrats you can withdraw as cash from your HDFC Bank credit card.

Transaction history :

Sale history This is a list of all the deals made on your credit card in a given billing cycle.

Your HDFC credit card yearly statement describes each sale in detail along with the date and quantum spent.

Reward points :

Price points This includes details of your earned and redeemed price points and is mentioned at the end of your HDFC Bank card statement.
Any critical information related to your card operation or special offers that you can mileage may also be included in your HDFC Check Credit Card Statement sale statement.

Finance charges, if any, as well as other freight and charges grounded on operation, are also mentioned in the statement.

How to Check HDFC Bank Check Credit Card Statement Online?

Check HDFC Bank Check Credit Card Statement Online

Via Net Banking :

Before you can check the credit card statement via net banking, the enrollment process must be complete.

The step-by-step procedure to check the HDFC Check credit card statement via net banking is mentioned below
Visit the sanctioned website of HDFC Bank and log in to your account.
Click on ‘ Cards ’.
Select ‘ Enquire ’.
Click on ‘ View Statement ’.
Choose the credit card and the period you want the statement for.
Click on ‘ View ’.
Click on ‘ Click to View/ Download ’ to download the statement.

Via the Mobile App :

Check HDFC Bank Check Credit Card Statement Online Via the Mobile App

Download the app and log in to your account.
Select ‘ Credit Card ’.
Choose ‘ Download Billed Statement ’.
Elect the period to download the statement.

How to Switch to HDFC Bank Check Credit Card Statement?

The three different styles to register for ane-statement are mentioned below:

Phone Banking :

Complete the Telephone Identification Number( drum) confirmation.
You can use the 4- number to request thee-statement.

By visiting the nearest bank branch :

Download the operation form.
Visit any HDFC Bank branch and submit the form to conclude fore-statements.

Net Banking :

Login to your net banking account.
elect ‘ Telegraph Statement ’. The option can be set up under the ‘ Request ’ section.
Follow the instructions to conclude the fore-statements.

How to Switch to HDFC Check Credit Card Statement?

Still, you can conclude to admit your yearly bill in the form of statements, If you want to do down with the need to check the HDFC credit card statement online from the net banking gate.

To apply for the service, you would need to follow the below-mentioned way
Log in to the HDFC Bank net banking portal.
Click on the link that says, ‘ Statement onE-mail ’.
Choose ‘ Office Address ’ or ‘ Domestic Address ’ to admit the HDFC Bank credit card statement on the associated dispatch ID.
Click on ‘ Continue ’.
Review your choice and click ‘ Confirm ’.
Once you subscribe for this, you’ll admit ane-statement on the registered dispatch address on a particular date every month. To view your smart statement Go to the ‘ Updates ’ section on your dispatch.

Hunt/ look for the subject line “ Dispatch Account Statement of your HDFC Bank Account ”.
Open the dispatch and click on View your Smart Statement’.
To view the word-defended train, you would need to enter your client ID. Your client ID is mentioned on your HDFC Bank checkbook or the ‘ Welcome Letter ’ transferred in the Account Opening tackle.
You could also request the service by visiting the nearest HDFC Bank and filling up the needed forms.

HDFC Check Credit Card Customer Care Number :

HDFC Check Credit Card Customer Care Number

Still, you can communicate with their client service directors by using any of the styles handed, If you have any queries or enterprises with respect to your HDFC credit card.

The client service superintendent can also help you with other card-related functions similar as changing the stylish credit card and indeed applying for one.

For the client care figures, you can call our For general queries at 18602676161 61606161/ 6160616 ( Your area law must be added before the mentioned number to get connected with your megacity’s client care).

HDFC Bank Cards Division :

P.O BOX #8654,
Thiruvanmiyur P.O.,
Chennai 600 041.

HDFC Bank Cards Division

Official Website :

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FAQs About HDFC Bank Know-How To Check Credit Card Statement :

How can I see my credit card statement?

Check Credit Card Statement Bill Statement via Netbanking:
Step 1 Log in to the bank’s credit card net banking gate with your credentials..
Step 2 Go to the credit card section.
Step 3 Under’ statement’ you’ll be suitable to see the rearmost credit card sale statement.
Step 4 Download the credit card statement PDF.

How do I know my HDFC Check credit card statement date?

How to Check HDFC Bank Check Credit Card Statement Online Visit the sanctioned website of HDFC Bank and log in to your account.
Click on’ Cards’.
Select’ Enquire’.
Click on View Statement’.
Choose the credit card and the period you want the statement for.
Click on’ View’.

How do I open credit card statements PDF?

The word to open SBI Check Credit Card Statement PDF consists of your Date of Birth( DD- MM- YYYY) and the last 4 integers of your Credit Card Number. forex.
if your date of birth is 12-11-1992 and the last 4 integers of your credit card number are 1234 also your word will be 121119921234.

How can I see my statement in the HDFC app?

Step 1 Download the HDFC Bank app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
 Step 2 Log in to the HDFC Mobile Banking app using the client ID & Leg. 
Step 3 Click on the Statement’ option and it’ll display the recent deals( disbenefit and credit both).

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