How to find your AT&T phone number ?
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AT&T Phone Number Changes: What You Need to Know


AT&T phone number Inc. (originally the American Telephone and Telegraph Company) is an American multinational conglomerate holding company that is Delaware-registered but headquartered at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

It is the world’s largest telecommunications company and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the U.S. As of 2020, AT&T was ranked 9th on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations, with revenues of $181 billion.

How to find my at&t mobile number?

Welcome to the our website! I will be delighted to help you locate your phone number!
Depending on your phone’s model and software version, these steps may vary slightly. Generally, on Android devices, you can find your phone number through the Settings app > About phone > Status.
The easiest way to locate your phone number on an iOS device is from Settings > Phone. In addition, iTunes can also reveal this information by connecting your phone to a computer through a USB cable.

A great way to learn how manage your device’s settings is by utilizing our AT&T Device Support tool. Please feel free to check out this excellent option!
I hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

How to set up your mobile hotspot?

Check your wireless plan to see if it includes mobile hotspot use. Learn how to upgrade your plan if it doesn’t, or how to set up your device if it does.
Dont’s forget to check on what compatible data plan you’re on
There are a few compatible plans you can use on your smartphone or tablet:
AT&T unlimited plans: AT&T Unlimited EliteSM, AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM, AT&T Unlimited &More PremiumSM, AT&T Unlimited Enhanced PlusSM, and AT&T Unlimited PlusSM
All AT&T Mobile Share® plans
AT&T PREPAIDSM monthly plans: $75, $65, $50, $45, $35, and multi-month plans.

How to find your current plan?

Folllow the steps below to check your current plan:

  • From, select View my plan
  • From, select Plans

Choose to See plan details or Plan details :

Look for a Mobile hotspot:

Is it there? Great! You’re good to go Don’t see it?
Your current plan doesn’t support hotspots. Close Plan details and look for plans that do. Have AT&T PREPAID? Go to Add-Ons to check.

And that is how you find your AT&T number and not write it down separately on a piece of paper every time you need to share it with someone.

How to Get My Call History for My AT&T phone number?

Most cell phones will only cache a brief history of calls made with the device. If you call or receive frequently, it means that the unsaved number may disappear in a few hours.
In addition, it can be easy to have a reference point to find out where all the minutes of your rollover went last month. You will be surprised to know that AT&T keeps a record of every call made from your phone. This information is available at any time through your account information on the Company’s website.

Step 1 :
Visit AT&T’s homepage (see Resources). Enter your wireless number and account password into the fields below the “Manage My Account” heading. Click “Go.” If you have not registered for online account management, click the “Register” link and follow the instructions to access your account and billing information.
Step 2 :
Locate the “Bill & Payments” menu on the account information page. Click the “View Full Bill” link to open the bill as a PDF file in a new window.
Step 3 :
Scroll through your e-bill until you reach the “Call Detail” list. Browse this list to see the precise time and date of each incoming and outgoing call made to and from your phone, the number called or the incoming caller’s phone number, location (of the service provider) and any additional charges that may apply.

AT&T phone number – How to Locate Kids & Find a Lost or Stolen Phone

If you and your family members have an AT&T connection, you can easily keep an eye on them. AT&T Family Plan comes with many benefits. For example, AT&T Phone Locator can help you track your children’s real-time location remotely. That way, you can always keep an eye on them and ensure their safety. Read on because here we have discussed in detail how to get AT&T cell phone location.

What is AT&T FamilyMap?

AT&T has different tools and solutions for parents to monitor the activity of their kids remotely. The AT&T Family Map is a smart AT&T phone locator that can let you know the exact whereabouts of your family members. I have also used ATT to locate my phone to find my lost device as well.

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You need to create an AT&T FamilyMap account in order to use its service. Needless to say, you and your family should be using the AT&T connection as well. Once you have completed the setup and have added your family members, you can know their exact location by using its app or visiting its dedicated website.

What can you do with AT&T Family Map?

The application can be used as an AT&T phone locator pretty easily. You can track a maximum of 10 different devices from your dashboard. Though, the business profile comes with a bigger plan. For an ATT to locate my phone family plan, you can access the following features.

  • It can help you track the real-time location of your kids and other family members.
  • It can also provide geofencing alerts so that you can know whenever they enter or leave a certain area.
  • You can also schedule automatic location updates and track the location history of the device.
  • It monitors a maximum of 10 different AT&T cell phone locations at one time.
  • It also has an emergency feature so that your kids can get in touch with you instantly.
  • You can also chat with your family members using its native chat feature.
  • The AT&T phone location can be accessed via a web-based dashboard or by using its mobile application.
  • In order to locate a phone, it should be turned on and in the AT&T coverage area.
  • It works with all the leading iOS and Android devices.
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial

Price: The subscription cost is $9.99 a month (can locate up to 10 devices)

How can parents track their kids with AT&T phone number?

Now when you know about the major features of the AT&T phone locator, you must be willing to give it a try. In order to monitor multiple AT&T cell phone locations using the FamilyMap feature, follow these steps:

  • To start with, you need to create your FamilyMap account. Simply visit its official website and create your account by providing your registered AT&T number.
  • Furthermore, you need to buy the AT&T FamilyMap subscription (for $9.99 a month). Though, if you want, you can continue with its free trial as well.
  • Now, you need to add the phone numbers of your family members to your dashboard. Make sure that you have taken prior permission from them.
  • The user will be notified that they are being tracked by a message. Also, you need to obtain a one-time password to finish the setup.
  • Great! Once you have added your family members, you can simply visit the AT&T FamilyMap account from any device. On its dashboard, you can get the location of your family.
  • Additionally, you can even get the AT&T FamilyMap mobile app to track other users on the go via your smartphone.

How do I Transfer my AT&T Phone Number to Optimum Mobile?

To transfer your AT&T Wireless phone number to Optimum Mobile, you need to request a Number Transfer PIN.  There are several ways to request a PIN:

From your mobile device :

Call *PORT (*7678). Follow the prompts to get your Number Transfer PIN sent to you via text You’ll need your wireless passcode to complete your request.

From the my AT&T app :

1. Sign in to myATT.

2. Go to your profile and select People & Permissions.

3. Scroll to Transfer phone number and select Request a new PIN. Your Number Transfer PIN will display on the screen.

From my AT&T website :

  • Go to your myAT&T profile.
  • Choose People & Permissions.
  • Select Wireless.
  • Scroll to Transfer phone number and select Request a new PIN. Your Number Transfer PIN will display on the screen.

If you are not able to get a Number Transfer PIN using any of the above options, contact AT&T.
Contact AT&T customer service
Find help options for AT&T internet, TV, home phone and wireless services.

AT&T phone number customer service numbers :

Need to get in touch with AT&T customer service? For the best experience, it’s important to call the right number for the assistance you need. You’ll find customer service contact info for AT&T services below.

AT&T customer support phone number and AT&T customer service hours :

Care phone number :


AT&T phone number Customer Service Hours :

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. local time. Saturday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. local time.

The AT&T customer service number is the best number for current AT&T internet, TV and home phone customers to call regarding their service.

Use main AT&T phone number Customer Service Number to call AT&T for all of the Following Scenarios :

AT&T Internet, T.V. OR Home Phone Issues:

  • Make changes to your account
  • Pay your AT&T internet (including AT&T Fixed Wireless) or TV bill
  • Transfer service to a new address
  • Add/remove AT&T services
  • Check shipping status of AT&T equipment

AT&T phone number Technical Support Issues:

  • Troubleshoot internet or TV issues
  • Report a service outage
  • Get help installing AT&T equipment
  • Order replacement equipment
  • Schedule a service appointment

AT&T phone number Customer Retention :

  • Use the primary AT&T phone number if you are wanting to terminate your AT&T account
  • To reach AT&T customer retention, say “customer retention” or “cancel service” when prompted to state the reason for your call.

Official Website :

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FAQs About How to find my AT&T phone number:

How do I find my old AT&T phone number?

Call 611 from your AT&T PREPAID phone or call800.901. 9878 from another phone. At the main menu, say Payment.

How do I find my AT&T account number and PIN?

How to find your account number & leg grounded on your current.
Account number This can generally be set up in the upper right- hand corner of any bill or tab, or in your online account.
Leg number Your Leg is the 4 integers you give your carrier when you call in..
You can call AT&T at1-800-331-0500.

How do I access my AT&T prepaid account?

Manage AT&T PREPAID Account To manage your AT&T PREPAID account from your device or computer cybersurfer, go
Enter your AT&T PREPAID wireless number and 4- number word, also elect Login..
Your Current Balance will be displayed.

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